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DEFINING FREEDOM is a quantum leap beyond, just talking about, FREEDOM.
Throughout history, due to the lack of the communications technology, that we currently enjoy, (in today's world) the need to define FREEDOM has grown to the point, that it is now okay, to move up to new (Dreams Coming True) ASPIRATIONS, like those that you can read about on these website pages.

Defining FREEDOM is essential to each individual's rights, which everyone should know; according to the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, adopted by the UNITED NATIONS on December 10, 1948 (links to it will be here by July 15_06. "So cool :) - Dec.10th is LC's birth day."

The exact opposite of FREEDOM is Prohibition which easily qualifies, to be able to compete with FREEDOM, because there are so many, too many, kinds of prohibition. A list will be here (by Aug. 25th, 05) with the 1st definitions of FREEDOM which embodies many aspects and are too easily disrespected.

So many, too many of us, have endured tremendous degrees of stress because of prohibition. My duty and responsibility, as an Artist, (according to the Dalai Lama) is to give people hope. Hope is essential in overcoming the hostilities of prohibition. Hope opens the doors to higher levels of perception and survival. Hope is the foundation to our future generations' dreams coming true. Dreams coming true must always be encouraged. Then everyone has the FREEDOM to make their lives, the universe and the future better.

This start, on June 18_05, will verbally join the many products that I am thankful to have created; which are based on having the FREEDOM of CHOICE which is vehemently against Prohibition.
Often, it seemed like almost everything that I did was prohibited. Geez, even breathing? Yes. Even breathing. People did not have to say a word, I could tell, just, by their, stink-eye, looks.

At one time or another it also seemed like almost everyone in the world was interested in doing nothing spiritual, not only to and against me, but also to and against themselves. I could feel that their lives were often focused on prohibiting themselves and me from being anything (just another person who knew nothing) and that is where it all started. The path to the Wisdom of the Great Nothingness which many people may never understand made it all possible, for me, to see and understand the theories behind everything, in the universe, and from which I truly embarked, immediately, on learning to write poems, wisdom of the great nothingness poems but especially love poems.

If all life is a passing phase
and this world is an insignificant
part of an unfathomable universe,
then is not all life
truly and respectfully
a mere dream or hallucination?
Such was the Wisdom
of the Great Nothingness and
thereby the key to the secret of life.

To grasp these theories
was to know good words.
If you are fortunate to be healthy
Then be happy, enjoy,
smoke and take pleasure.
For as sure as the sun rises
and children are born,
night will fall and you will die
to rejoin the ashes from whence you came.

Until that final darkness comes
if you can survive
and make the best of nothing
which is the ultimate result
of this temporary life
then before time calls your name
and your turn comes to go
you will witness the unfolding
of the universe and share its secrets.

Until the psychedelic revolution, the secrets of hashish have been shrouded in darkness/Prohibition.
Now let there be light.
Much more to come on this page of LAURENCE CHERNIAK Prohibition Accessories.
Below are just some of the items which would all be prohibited if ignorance ruled.
The links below are only the beginning of showing products and activities that are very much in danger of becoming prohibited if we do not change the basic psychology of the world soon (asap).
LINKS below correspond to the full names on right
ART WORK's - REAL TITLES for LINKS on LEFT.,2,3.html  The Great Books of Hashish Books 1, 2 & 3. The Great Books of Hashish Book 1 The Great Books of Hashish Book 2 The Great Books of Hashish Book 3 LAURENCE CHERNIAK Organic PLANT WASH Cannabis Culture & Hemp Culture Playing LEAVES: 1st Black Light Pot Leaf Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana, Pot Leaf Stickers. Cigarette Paper Design dedicated to Bologna, Italy Full Set of Ceramic Dishes with Ceramic Marijuana Leaves LAURENCE HOME PAGE. Volunteer Service for Compassionate Moms Making HASH video BY LAURENCE CHERNIAK Dealer's Delight "Sitting on the Pot:" "Selling Shit" HEMPFEST 2005 ArtWork for posters etc.

Limited Edition Collectible Tax Stamps for Playing Cards Cig. Paper Design dedicated to CONSTANCE CHERNIAK Gate-Way to covering the world with Marijuana Leaves Fat Freddy Poster & Comic Artwork 24 x 36 ins. Iss# 2  HEMPFEST 2005, Sault Ste Marie, Ont. Canada, Art Work.
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The GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH Volume ONE, Books 1, 2 and 3.

The GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH by LAURENCE CHERNIAK contains over 2,000 color photos in over 30 countries (all taken during his travels). They are sub-titled, RESEARCHING THE PLEASURES OF THE HIGH SOCIETY).

Issue No. 55 of CANNABIS CULTURE Magazine, features about 25 color photos from 25 countries shown in LAURENCE's first trilogy of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH, Volume One. Books 1, 2 and 3.

Volume TWO, Book 4 will be released in 2005.

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