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The Great Books of Hashish Books. 1, 2, 3.

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ABOVE: Part ONE in the 1st trilogy of these important
historical books, which are
a valuable addition to our
library on human behavior.

Starting from center top clockwise ...."IPOMOEA VIOLACEA" (morning glories) .... top right behind hummingbird, supporting the ant .... "ATROPA BELLADONNA" .... bottom right "PETUNIA VIOLACEA".... plant supporting lady beetle, which extends into the large blossom below and in front of the hummingbird .... "DATURA METEL".... bottom center "AMANITA MUSCARIA" (Fly Agaric mushrooms) .... left of mushrooms-plant supporting the honeybee ...."LOCHROMA FUCHSIOIDES, BORRACHERO" .... left bottom corner .... "MESEMBRYANTHEMUM TORTUOSUM, KANNA".... behind Kanna nd up left side "CANNABIS SATIVA" (Marijuana ).... top left "METHYSTICODENDRON AMESIANUM"(Culebro Borrachero)" .... and very center "LOHOPHORA WILLIAMSII", PEYOTE CACTUS.

Valley to Entrancing Dreams

Above is our first acrylic painting done in 1986. It is a compilation of psychoatives. It displays a realistic vision of one of the gateways to enlightenment through the use of these plants created by nature. Acquired into her estate by our dear friend, Mrs Iris Peretz, of North York, Ont., Canada. It appears in the first pages of the 2nd edition of Book 1 in this series.
The names of the plants are to your right in GREEN text.

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