Costa Rica's  Finest Postcards   by  LAURENCE CHERNIAK
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If you have a hotel, B&B, lodge, or any other charming and loving sanctuary in Costa Rica; are providing an experience that has life long memories, this is a perfect idea (that can say so much) as a gift to/from your guests. It gives them special momento to remember you by and/or to send to the people that they care for, while being in Costa Rica.

Imagine two or three of your, (full color) thumbnail photos and/or logo(s) would be
on the backs (like you can see our photos are on the back of Card #72
above right
) (in place of where, the craters of Volcan POAS and Volcan IRAZU are.)

Costa Rica's Finest Postcards, are REVERSIBLE.
By artist

Our creative zone has formal business marketing goals;
is a journey making awareness strategies, visible through design.

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54 postcards (released in February of 1997 plus 12 in December 1998 and an additional 12 cards in August of 1999 for a total of 78 COLLECTIBLE NUMBERED postcards. 15 years of research. We are thankful to still be furthering our travels throughout this wonderful country enjoying it's
, butterflies,
 waters, volcanos, rainforests, jungles, sunsets, wildlife and people.

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